CBC4: The Study of South Asia: between Antiquity and Modernity: Parallels and Comparisons. (Turin, 4-7 September 2013)

The main 2013 Coffee Break Conference will be hosted in Turin, 4–7 september 2013, by the T-wai Institute in cooperation with the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society and the Euro-Asian Studies Phd School: Dialectology, Linguistics, Onomastics, University of Turin, with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo.

The conference will be held at the Campus Luigi Einaudi (CLE - Lungodora Siena 100/A, Turin) in the main Sala Lauree Blu Grande.

The Conference Timetable

For a general Call for papers, including the guidelines of the Coffee Break Project, look here.

Proposed panels

There is only "Philosophy": The case of Testimony

Convenor: Elisa Freschi
Discussion of how the distinction between Western and Eastern Philosophy does not make sense through the case-study of the analysis of testimony.
Abstract and CfP

International Relations

Convenors: Sonia Cordera, Claudia Castiglione
Abstract and CfP

Metrics and Phonology

Convenors: Giovanni Ciotti and Andrew Ollett
Abstract and CfP

Labour questions in neoliberal India

Convenors: Matilde Adduci and Barbara Benedetti
Abstract and CfP

Cultural astronomy

Convenor: Jody Morellato
Abstract and CfP

Gods in space

Convenor: Mark Schneider
Historical reflections on the changing concepts of deities in urban/rural surroundings
Abstract and CfP

Sociocultural constructions of sexuality in South Asia

Convenor: Daniele Cuneo
Abstract and CfP

Change of paradigms and mechanical (re)discoveries. Manuscript and print cultures across Asia

Convenor: Camillo Formigatti
From manuscripts to printing, from printing to the digital age.
Abstract and CfP

Suggestions and ideas are any time welcome.

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