The proceedings have been published as a Supplement n.2 (2014) of the peer-reviewed journal Rivista degli Studi Orientali, n. 87.
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Plan of the proceedings book (ed. by A. Keidan)

M. Ferrante: General introduction

M. Schneider: History and historiography

Mark Schneider - "Universalist Theories in Historical Research: How Autopoietic Was Primitive Communism?"

Giovanni Ciotti: 'Indigenous' grammars

Cristian Pallone - "Some considerations on Motoori Norinaga’s notions on Japanese vocalism"
Luca Alfieri - "The Arrival of the Indian Notion of Root into Western Linguistics. From Colebrooke (1805) to Benfey (1852)"

Marco Ferrante: Language as a Way of Salvation

Paolo Visigalli - "Some Thoughts on the Relation between 'Linguistic Usage', 'Merit' and 'Felicity' in Ancient India"
Marco Ferrante - "How to Get Salvation through Language. Bhartṛhari on śabdapūrvayoga"
Marco Lauri - "Three ways to happiness: Arabic Grammars of Salvation"
Enrico Giulia - "Japanese Polyglots of Salvation: Miwa-Ryū and its multi-linguistic approach"
Roberta Amato - "Language as a sign of the times in Timor-Leste. Portuguese as a language of salvation in politics and religion"

Paola Cagna: The Development Question in South Asia: Policies and Processes

Barbara Benedetti - "The country that will reform India: a gender perspective of agrarian change in Andhra Pradesh"
Paola Cagna - "Self Help Groups and women’s empowerment: A case study from South India"